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Are you struggling to achieve profitable growth?

If you own a startup or a small business, you'd know its damn hard to activate and sustain profitable growth.

There's so much to get right, across all departments -> marketing, sales, product / service and operations.

If you have a bottleneck in any one of these departments, growth can come to a stand still. 

You might fix that bottleneck, grow a little. Hit another roadblock. Growth stops again.

Boom here comes the tax man. Bam, there goes one of your best employees.

You can't afford a CMO or Marketing Manager. Agencies are unreliable. 

Growing the business feels like a see-saw. Up, down. Up, down.

 Your like an octopus, managing eight things at a time. 

And like a fireman, always putting our fires.

There must be a solution to this?

Well. There is.


Try Growth-as-a-Service

Kofounder's low-cost monthly GAAS plans make it easier and more affordable for business owners to activate and sustain profitable growth.

We help to build the infrastructure, tools and team that you need to unlock and maintain more consistent growth and achieve better profit margins.

We connect you with a highly experienced Head of Growth (also called a CMO), who takes your vision, and helps to realign your growth strategy. 

You'll receive a comprehensive roadmap of growth opportunities, and we will work to execute those tasks starting with the lowest hanging fruit. 

We optimise your entire business to unlock growth

✅ Strategy and roadmap

✅ Lead generation 

✅ Website CRO

✅ Sales funnel


✅ Quoting and billing

✅ Branding

✅ Tech stack

✅ Data

✅ SOPs and automation

✅ Recruitment and HR

✅ Team and culture

✅ Plus more



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