Our affordable GAAS plans for SME's wanting to activate and sustain profitable growth without over-investing in a full time marketing manager, CMO or marketing agency.

GAAS Plan Details

We provide you with a senior Growth Strategist (aka Head of Growth) who's job is to help you develop a winning strategy for the business to activate and sustain profitable growth. The Head of Growth is responsible for setting and managing the Growth Roadmap and coordinating the execution of the roadmap tasks.

These are the weekly 'stand-up' meetings held with your Head of Growth. Typically lasting 20-30 mins, they are designed to ensure clear focus is maintained on the Growth Roadmap, to ensure KPIs are being met, and to resolve any roadblocks the team may have. It's also an opportunity to look at data and optimise the business strategy.

Your Head of Growth is responsible for developing and maintaining the Growth Roadmap on a weekly basis. The Roadmap is a list of actionable tasks that are assigned to team members and used to manage task details, due dates and KPIs. The Roadmap is essential for keeping the business moving towards your main key objectives.

Kofounder supplies a range of industry leading software tools and proprietary business processes and systems which are leveraged by the team to activate and sustain growth. These tools and systems form the machine that will drive your business growth, increase efficiency, increase profit and enable you to scale faster.

Kofounder has it's own internal team of specialists (Human Resources) available to help complete tasks in the roadmap which helps to accelerate growth. These specialists include digital marketers, sales consultants, web developers, software developers, automation technicians, copywriters, content managers and administration and financial experts. The number of Human Resource hours in your GAAS plan, will determine how many hours can be delegated to this specialist team. The more hours, the faster the roadmap execution.

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