Ready to LAUNCH your own Company?

In Australia, right now in 2024, there's a once-in-a-generation opportunity for trades and services. 

Demand is at an all-time high and most service industries are booming. 

Now is the perfect time to launch your trades or service business and set yourself up for life. 

Our 'Tradie Launch Pack' delivers everything you need to launch and grow your business fast and affordably. 

Get a complete upgrade in marketing, sales, customer service, admin & operations to fix bottlenecks and scale up FAST 📈

Need a Custom Package?

We can build you a tailored business LAUNCH package to suit your exact needs. Complete the form below or call 1300 705 008 to speak with our friendly sales team.


Start by booking your free strategy call or requesting a free quote, which includes a call back. In that call we will discuss the launch packages, discuss your business plans and how Kofounder can help you transition into your new business. Assuming you are good to go, we will send you a formal quote. Once that's paid, we begin the launch process.

We kick things off with a Strategy Workshop to fully unpack your business vision and goals. Using our tools, we conduct market research and determine the best strategy for launching your business. With your approval, we then build a detailed roadmap and begin executing the tasks on that roadmap one by one. We make sure you are involved through the entire journey.

While every business is different and will require a slightly difference approach, we expect to have your new business launched and ready to receive leads and paying customers within 8 weeks. Sometimes it can be launched faster, sometimes a little longer.

The long term success of your business will ultimately rely on your ability to remain committed to it. Think of a business like having a fruit tree. The more you take care of it, the bigger it grows and the more fruit it produces. If you don't take care of it probably won't produce much fruit. Kofounder will heavily increase your chances of success and will enable you to launch your business to market much faster and with less stress, than if you did it alone.

The Revenue Guarantee is available for approved applicants only and essentially guarantees that Kofounder will generate leads and paying customers for your business. We will keep working on your business until that happens. Full terms and conditions can be found in our Service Agreement.